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What are we Learn?

You can learn all about Digital Marketing techniques from us depend on Level.

✅Marketing 4.0

✅Marketing Theory
✅Traditional Marketing Techniques
✅Digital Marketing Techniques
✅Digital Marketing Consideration
✅Digital Marketing Planning & Strategy
✅Web Presence Solution Methods
✅Social Media Marketing Techniques
✅Social Media Management Services
✅Marketing and Promotion Activities
✅Facebook Page Professional Administration
✅Facebook Ads Manager
✅Facebook Advertising Policy
✅Facebook Business Manager
✅AI (Bot) Creation Techniques
✅Facebook Error Reporting Services
✅Website Consideration
✅Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
✅Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
✅Google Search Advertising
✅Google Display Advertising
✅Google Text Advertising
✅Google Video Advertising
✅YouTube Advertising Techniques
✅Email Marketing
✅SMS Marketing
✅Mobile Marketing
✅Web Analytics
✅Social Media Insights

✅LinkedIn Advertising

✅Twitter Advertising

✅Quora Advertising

✅Tiktok Advertising

✅WhatsApps Advertising

✅Viber Advertising

DM Explain

Master Profile

U Aung Pye Phyo



  • Managing Director of PHYO TAKHUN Int'l Co.,Ltd, 

  • MBA

  • MPA Candidate,

  • Bachelor of Science,

  • Government Diploma in Electronics & Communication,

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration

  • Diploma in Political Science

  • Diploma in Digital Marketing,

  • Diploma in Business Management & Administration

U AUNG PYE PHYO Founded PHYO Training Institute since 2009. Also teaching

  • AutoCAD,

  • 3Ds Max,

  • Revit,

  • Graphic Design,

  • Essentials,

  • ICDL Courses

  • Digital Marketing

  • E-Business Management

  • Business Management & Administration

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