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Diploma in Digital Marketing

           London Examination Board (LEB) မှပေးအပ်ချီးမြှင့်သည့် World Recognized Diploma ဖြစ်ပါသည်။ သင်တန်းကာလအားဖြင့် (၃) လကြာ သင်ကြားရမည်ဖြစ်ပါသည်။      

 စာတွေ့လက်တွေ့ပေါင်းစပ်သင်ကြားရမည့် သင်တန်းဖြစ်ပြီး Digital Marketing Specialist ကိုယ်တိုင် ကြပ်မတ် သင်ကြားပေးသည့် သင်တန်းဖြစ်ပါ သည်။

What are we Learn?

You can learn all about Digital Marketing techniques from us

✅Marketing Theory
✅Traditional Marketing Techniques
✅Digital Marketing Techniques
✅Digital Marketing Consideration
✅Digital Marketing Planning & Strategy
✅Web Presence Solution Methods
✅Social Media Marketing Techniques
✅Social Media Management Services
✅Marketing and Promotion Activities
✅Facebook Page Professional Administration
✅Facebook Ads Manager
✅Facebook Advertising Policy
✅Facebook Business Manager
✅AI (Bot) Creation Techniques
✅Facebook Error Reporting Services
✅Website Consideration
✅Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
✅Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
✅Google Search Advertising
✅Google Display Advertising
✅Google Text Advertising
✅Google Video Advertising
✅YouTube Advertising Techniques
✅Email Marketing
✅SMS Marketing
✅Mobile Marketing
✅Web Analytics
✅Social Media Insights

You can choose these three level!

All of Above

You can learn all of above course outline in our professional cosure



All of Professional

International Approved Certification Exam for

Digital Marketing


All of Professional
  • Design Creation

  • Content Writing

  • Research

  • Assignment

  • Diploma Exam


DM Explain

Master Profile

U Aung Pye Phyo



  • Managing Director of PHYO TAKHUN Int'l Co.,Ltd, 

  • MBA

  • MPA Candidate,

  • Bachelor of Science,

  • Government Diploma in Electronics & Communication,

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration

  • Diploma in Political Science

  • Diploma in Digital Marketing,

  • Diploma in Business Management & Administration

U AUNG PYE PHYO Founded PHYO Training Institute since 2009. Also teaching

  • AutoCAD,

  • 3Ds Max,

  • Revit,

  • Graphic Design,

  • Essentials,

  • ICDL Courses

  • Digital Marketing

  • E-Business Management

  • Business Management & Administration

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