PHYO Training  Centre

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Our Policy

  1. PHYO Training Centre never offer or request to other NGOs, INGOs and organization for computer training.
  2. ICDL Exams must be sit in our Centre and we consider for some organizations upon their request to test exam at their premises.
  3. Other organizations must be send request letter, if they want to provide for them to teach their staffs to our computer courses or ICDL courses and we  consider that we teach or not.
  4. We never come to your office for discussion about training. The representative persons of relative organization must be send to our centre for discussion.
  5. We never accept any forced to our training procedures.
  6. We never accept any payment that will get when our training was end. Upon request , we  accept 50% of total payment before our training is start and the rest of payment will paid by at the end of the training.
  7. Payment must be settle in our account before our training start.
  8. Payment can be make US$ and Myanmar Kyats that settle by our "Online Payment Gate Way" or Bank Transfer.
  9. Additional transportation, living allowance, HR cost, management cost must be provided by organization.